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The Environmental Policy and Advocacy Department works to ensure that our region’s leaders have the proper tools to make informed decisions about the future of Southwest Florida.

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Eastern Collier County


More Stewardship Credits = More RLSA Development Handout

Last Lands Lost Handout

Conservancy’s Comments On RLSA Amendments

Current RLSA Plan Vs. The Conservancy Plan

Conservancy's Solutions For A Smarter Way To Grow

RLSA What's At Stake

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Rural Lands Stewardship Area Map

Conservancy's RLSA Vision Map

“What We Were Told to Realty” Presentation

White Paper- Historical Context for “What We Were Told to Reality”

1000 Friends Of Florida Letter Regarding 2005 Better Community Award Vs. Current Position On RLSA

1,000 Friends Of Florida's 2013 Review Of RLSA

Eastern Collier County - Rural Lands Stewardship Area

Conservancy Presentation at RLSA Workshop

Click Here To See The PDF Of The Above Presentation Given By Senior Environmental Planning Specialist April Olson


Rivergrass And RLSA Myths Vs. Reality

Rivergrass Complaint

Rivergrass Location Map

Rivergrass Letter To Collier County Planning Commission

Rivergrass Village Summary Handout

Rivergrass Village Master Plan

Conservancy Comment Letter Rivergrass Village

Rivergrass Within Panther Habitat Zones

Rivergrass Within Adult Breeding Habitat

Rivergrass Myths Vs Reality

Collier Enterprises withdraws application for proposed town- Rural Lands West

Conservancy's Concerns RLW

Comment letter to Collier County

RLW Panther Telemetry

From Urban to Agriculture podcast - "The Florida Panther"


Full HCP

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Federal Register Notice

December 3, 2018 Comment Letter

HCP Flyer

April 25, 2016 Comment Letter

Dr. Robert Frakes Impacts To Panther Habitat Analysis 2018

Dr. Reed Noss Review Of Eastern Collier HCP 2018

Why Should I Care About the Florida Panther?

Intercept Article by Jimmy Tobias: Money and Politics Could Doom the Florida Panther

Wildlife & Habitat Protection