Educational Art

Make some awesome art with these crafty Conservancy Educational Art projects. Using primarily household and upcycled materials, these activities are a blast whether you're joining us from school or from home. Expand your science knowledge as you follow along with our instructions and get those creative juices flowing!

Build A Bird

What makes a bird a bird? Learn about our fabulous feathered friends as you build your own bird with this cool Conservancy Craft.

Plastic Jellyfish

Plastic bags and jellyfish might look different to us, but sea turtles often confuse the two. Learn about how pollution threatens sea turtles as you create your own 3-d plastic jellyfish with this fun Conservancy Craft.

Upcycled Endangered Art

What do you do with odds and ends and leftover craft materials? Instead of throwing things away, try upcycling to create an amazing Conservancy Craft while learning about Endangered marine life.